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We told our friends we were worried about the lengths Riggs, our German Shepherd, was going to while trying to catch our cat Zoe.  We told them we saw Riggs trying to hide so Zoe wouldn't see him and he could her close enough to pounce on.  After setting the stage for this prank, and getting everyone very worried, we sent them this picture:

GSD Christmas Tree


Below are the pictures taken during the setup.  A few things to keep in mind as you look at the pictures.  Riggs was used to doing things like this.  His STAY command was awesome!  The entire process took about 20 minutes and he never once tried to break his stay.  If he had been uncomfortable he would have tried.  Another thing, Riggs didn't really want to 'get' Zoe.  While they weren't best friends he tolerated her and knew he was not to harm her.

So, enjoy the process of creating the famous GSD Christmas Tree!

Uh oh, this can't be good!
Uh oh, this can't be good!When I called Riggs into the room and asked him to Sit on the mat he KNEW something was up.

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Uh oh, this can't be good!
Hey - someone out there call the Animal Cops!!
Umm - you know these get hot, right?  Don't leave them on too long!!
Like the lights and garland weren't enough - now she's adding BRANCHES!