Welcome!!  My name is Lauri and I will be your guide around the Raw Dog Ranch.  I created this website to help others learn all about a raw diet for dogs.

Sometimes referred to as BARF (Bones and Raw Food), Raw, Raw Diet, SARD (Species Appropriate Raw Diet) and other names it's all the same concept - you are feeding your dog a NATURAL diet consisting of raw meat and bones (yes, raw BONES) with minimal (I prefer none) grains and carbohydrates.

Using the menu on your left you can meet our pets - past and current; learn all about raw feeding, some basic obedience training and problem solving, how to raise and butcher meat rabbits, what it takes to raise a litter of puppies and visit some of our other websites.

The tabs at the top of the page will take you to my Blog (read about what we're doing now) and to our other websites:

Lure Coursing Fanatics - the FIRST All Breed Lure Coursing Club in the US
Digital Artwork - see how I take the power of the computer and apply it to photographs
All Creatures Photography - my husbands photography business

Please stop back often as I will be updating the website frequently!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via our Contact page.

Thanks for visiting!!