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On these pages there are detailed pictures of how I kill and butcher the meat rabbits we raise.  If this type of thing bothers you then ...


I hang the rabbit by the back legs - getting the rope/twine set right above their hocks.  Use slip knots to make it easier to get the feet in and out.

Preparing the Rabbit for Butchering

A tip given to me by a fellow rabbit-raiser is to wet the rabbit down before you start cutting.  This cuts down on the fur flying all around you will you work.

I then remove the front paws, just above the joint, using the shears.  This makes it easier to pull the skin off once you have it detached.

Preparing the Rabbit for Butchering

I start by making a small incision in the back leg, just below the hock.  You don't want to go too deep - you will cut the tendons that hold the muscles to the bone and the meat will pull away when you try to pull the fur.  Just go deep enough to cut through the skin.  I like to pull the skin out away from the bone and make a small nick in it.

Butchering Rabbits

Butchering Rabbits Skinning

I then gently run the blade along the leg until I have the skin cut all the way around the leg and pull it slightly downwards to reveal the complete cut.

Butchering Rabbits Skinning


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