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On these pages there are detailed pictures of how I kill and butcher the meat rabbits we raise.  If this type of thing bothers you then ...


The first step is to kill the rabbit.  You want to do this as quickly and painlessly as possible for the rabbit.  Since I am butchering the rabbits to feed to my dogs I WANT to retain as much blood as possible in the rabbit - I do not bleed them out.

To kill the rabbit I dislocate it's neck using a broomstick or other long, sturdy pole.  Place the rabbit on the ground, on it's belly with it's front legs out in front of it and hold on to it's back legs.  Lay the broomstick across the back of it's neck, right behind the ears.

Killing a rabbit


Place one foot on the pole - use only enough pressure to hold the pole in place.  Slide your hands back and grab the rabbit by the back legs.

Killing Rabbits

Now then step onto the pole with both feet and firmly pull the rabbits legs straight up.

Killing Rabbits


You should be able to feel the rabbits neck and vertebrae dislocating and/or breaking.  The rabbit will flail around a bit but is dead within seconds of it's neck being broken and it feels no pain.

I kill 2-3 rabbits at a time when I'm butchering.  If you do any more at one time rigor mortis will set in before you can get through them all and that makes it harder to butcher the rabbit.  After I've finished those three I go back and kill a few more and bring them in to be butchered.

Once the rabbits are ready I bring them in the house to start butchering ...