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Before we put the cage racks together we move the rack and all the parts (waste trays, cage rows, etc.) to the location where it will permentantly be placed.

Trying to move the racks AFTER you have added the cage rows is very difficult because they end up weighing a ton!!

My best tips for moving the racks - get several strong friends to help!

If you can't do that place the back legs of the frame on something that will slide along whatever surface you are crossing.  Since we were doing this in the middle of winter and there was a good packing of snow on the ground, we placed each of the back legs of the rack on plastic kids sleds.  Then all we did was pick up the front end (me on one leg and my husband on the other) and then pulled the rack to the spot we wanted it to be.

Once you have everything in the spot you can start putting it all together!