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You’ll want to start by screwing in the hook eyes in the top frame and securing one end of the S hooks to the eye BEFORE you set the cage row into the frame.  Again – it’s easier to move around without cage row in the way.

I placed the eyes so they were over each divider in the cage row, plus one at each end of the cage.  That meant screwing 6 eyes into the bottom of the front and the back of the top frame.  Make sure you position the eye hook in the middle of the piece of 2" x 4".

Once the eyes were screwed in I secured one end of an S hook to each eye.  Then we placed the cage row inside the frame.  My husband held one end up while I secured the bottom (open) end of the S hooks to that end of the cage row.  He then went to the other end of the row and lifted that end and held it while I went and secured all the other S hooks to the cage row.  Here is the top row, hung and ready to be filled with rabbits:

Top cage row hung

Rabbit cage row hung

Close up of eye and S hooks

We didn’t have a second row ready when we made this rack but if you were adding a bottom row you repeat the same steps as above – screw in the eye hooks first and then secure one end of the S hooks.  Lift up one end of the cage row, secure the other end of the S hooks to that end, then lift the other end and go along securing all the other S hooks.

The final step is to weatherproof the cage rack.