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Cutting the Waste Tray

The tray that goes between the two cage rows is made from galvanized roofing.  We purchased it at out local home improvement store.  You could use plastic instead but we felt the metal would last longer.

We measured the tray so that it would start at the front of the frame and then hang off the back of the frame about 2”-3”.  That way the waste wouldn’t roll down and drop in the back of the cage row below.

My husband used a cutting wheel to cut the roofing:

Cutting the meatl roofing for the waste tray

Cutting the metal roofing for the waste tray


The roofing was not long enough to cover the entire frame using just one piece so we made sure to overlap each piece by at least 3” – 4” to make sure the urine wouldn’t seep through:

Waste tray for rack

Attaching the Waste Tray

Although the pictures show us putting in the tray after we hung the top cage row I would highly recommend you do it BEFORE. It’s easier to move the trays around and get everything set in the correct position without that cage row in your way.

We attach 2” x 4” pieces to the front of the middle rack to support and lift the front of the waste tray. After we have the pieces attached to the frame we screw the metal sections to the tops of the 2" x 4" pieces and then to the back end of the frame:

Attaching wood to raisse the front of the waste tray

Attaching the waste tray

Side view of waste tray


Now you can hang the cage rows you built.