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Winters in SE WI can get very cold, which rabbits don't really mind as long as they are protected from drafts.  Since we live in an open area (lots of farm fields around us) there are no wind breaks and it can get VERY windy here.  We wanted to be SURE the rabbits (especially the babies) were protected from those winds.

After getting the cage rack assembled I started by attaching a plastic tarp over the top, down the back and as far around the sides as I could get:

Using tarps to weatherproof the rabbit cage racks


I then added smaller tarps to the sides, making sure that they had extra material on the ground so I could use straw bales to hold down the tarp ends and add extra weather protection.  I took two tarps and attached them to the from of the rack so they hung down in front of the cages.  I stapled the tarp bottoms to long 2" x 4" so that they wouldn't blow around.

Rabbit cage rack with tarps

Rabbit cage rack

To help on the REALLY bitterly cold days I created another front cover by laying out plastic wrap and attaching the ends to pieces of 2" x 4".  I attached a hook to one end of each 2" x 4" and another hook to the inside top of the frame - at each end.  I then hung the 2" x 4" on the hooks - that spread out the plastic to help cover the front of the cage rack.


Two rabbit cage racks