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One question I get asked is “Should I cut everything first or just cut what I need as I’m building?”  I personally prefer to cut as I’m building just because it gives my hand a rest from the constant cutting motion.  Either way works!

Top and Bottom

I start by measuring out and cutting the top and bottom of the cage row.  These are cut from the ½” by 1” wire and are 10 feet in length.

I lay one piece out on the floor as the bottom and set the other piece (
the top) aside.

Front and Back

Next I cut the front and back for the row.  This is cut from the 2” by 1” wire and is also cut in 10 lengths.

At this point the front and back are treated exactly the same so it doesn’t matter which one you call which.

I put one piece aside and lay the other piece on top of the floor, lining up the bottom of that piece with the outside edge of the bottom piece:

Cage Row Floor

Attaching Front and Back

I start by using a J clip at the very end of the wire to join the two pieces.  To set a J clip you load the clip into the pliers, place them at the area you want to set the clip and squeeze the clippers shut tightly:

Using J Clips

Using J Clips

Using J Clips

You might want to practice setting a few clips on some scrap wire before you start – just to get used to the way it works.

I set J clips every 6 inches across the bottom of the row:

Bottom and Side Attached

Once I have that piece attached I move over to the other side of the bottom and attach the other piece.  When I am finished I lay the front and back out flat:
Bottom and Sides attached


On to Step 2 ...