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Cage Ends and Dividers

The next step is to cut the cage ends and dividers.  You will need 6 pieces – one for each end of the row and 4 to divide the inside space into five cages.  I use the 2” by 1” wire for this:

Cage dividers

To start attaching the sides I prop the front of the row up against a bucket.  That makes it easier for me to work with it:

Bottom with Side propped up

I attach the end cap first – J clipping the piece to the front and the bottom.  I then measure out the spacing and attach the next divider – but only to the front, not the bottom.  I will attach the bottoms of the dividers later (when I can turn the whole row over and reach things easier).  Once I’ve finished attaching the dividers to the front I attach the other end piece, clipping it at both the front and bottom.  I then move around to the other side of the row, pull up the back piece and start attaching the ends and dividers to that.

Now I can flip over the row and attach the dividers to the bottom piece.  I make sure to secure the corners of the row on all three sides:
Cage Row Corner

When I’m finished I flip it back over and it’s ready for the top:

Bottom with Ends and Dividers Attached

I lay the top piece on and attach it to the front, back, dividers and both ends.  That finishes the attaching section of the building process and I end up with a row that looks like this:

Assembled Cage Row

I sometimes encounter problems while attaching all the pieces.


If they are on the top of the row I don’t worry about them.  If they are on the bottom of the row I will use extra J clips to close them so the rabbits don’t get toes stuck in them.

Gaps in the cage row

Misaligned Dividers

Sometimes the dividers moves when you are trying to attach it and you need to adjust it:

Misaligned dividers

I use a flat screwdriver to move the wire back in place so I can attach it correctly:

Fixing misaligned divider


Sometimes you try your best and you’re not sure how it happened but …


Don’t worry - the rabbits won’t care that the walls aren’t exact!

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