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Cutting the Door and Feeder Holes

Once your row is completely clipped together you need to start measuring, marking and cutting the holes for both the doors and the feeders (depending on what type of feeders you are using).

If you are using the box type feeders that clip onto the outside of the cage and have the opening inside the cage I measure, mark and cut that area first.  That way you won’t make the door so big you can’t use the feeder. Here’s an example of a feeder attached to some test wire:

Rabbit feeder

Here you can see the feeder hole cut and then the feeder attached:

Rabbit Feeder

Rabbit Feeder

For the door hole be sure you know how big you need it needs to be!  I cut all the door holes for the first row I built only to find out later that my nest boxes wouldn’t fit through them!  Be sure there’s enough room to get the next box easily through the door hole.

So, measure how big the hole should be and then mark the front of the cage.  I would rather make the doors too big than too small so I leave one complete row of holes along the top and bottom of the door when I measure it.  Here is a door hole cut (you can see the feeder to the left of the door):

Hole for Door

It doesn’t matter if you put the feeder on the left of the door or the right – whatever is easier for you to work with.

I would highly suggest you cut the holes and then attach the door to ONE cage before you move on to the next one.  That way, if there are any problems you can adjust the way you do the second cage.

On to the last step for building the cage rows ...