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Cutting, Attaching and Securing the Doors

Now you are ready to cut, attach and secure the door to the cage.  You want to cut the door so it overlaps the hole slightly on all but one side (where you will clip it to the cage).  Once you have the door cut you will clip it to the cage row so it is flush on the side nearest the feeder and overlaps all other sides.

In this picture you can see that I turned the wire sideways before I cut the door – so the holes were 1” by 2” instead of 2” by 1”.  That allowed me to make the door 1” taller and longer than the hole.  That gave me ½” overlap on the top and bottom of the door and 1” overlap at the end of the door.

The picture also shows where I use the J clips to secure the door to the cage:

Attaching the door

There are many different ways to secure the doors.  They make several different types of latches but again, I went with something that was cheap – I used springs!

Here you can see how I attach the spring to the door and then pull it across the cage to secure the door:

Using springs for latches

Finished Cage Row

Here you can see what all that cutting and clipping gives you!  This is a finished cage row sitting in one of the racks.  All the doors and feeders are attached – all it needs is to be hung and then you can add rabbits!!

Finished cage row

Now that the row is finished you can start on Building the Rack.