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Tools and Measurements

You will need the following materials and tools for building the racks:

  • 2” x 4”s (number depends in the height and width of your rack)
  • Galvanized Roofing
  • Plastic Sheeting (at least a wide as your rack)
  • Staple gun
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Cutting Wheel for cutting metal sheeting


Measure the depth of your cage row and add 2”.  That will be the width of the frame.

We didn’t want the legs of the frame to get in the way of opening the cage doors so we made the frame 10” longer than the cage row.  That way we could hang the row and have 5” of additional space at both ends.

Measure the length of your cage row and add 10”.  That will be the length of the frame.

Be sure to measure and build the frame so the end pieces and braces are INSIDE the long pieces.  This will help the frame resist the weight of the cage when it’s hung and loaded with rabbits. 


To calculate the height of the legs you need to figure where you want the top cage row to be.  I wanted the door openings for the top row of cages to be at my shoulder height so I could easily reach in the cage.  We practiced a couple times and found that a good height for me was having the floor of the top cage row at 45” from the ground (I’m only 5’3” tall).

Once you have that number you add the height of one cage row and 7” to get the total height of the legs.

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