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We started by cutting and assembling the frames for the rack – one for the top and one for the middle:

rabbitry rack frame

Using your measurements you cut 2 long pieces, 2 end pieces and at least one brace.

We used one brace inside the frame but more can be added.  Be sure to measure and build the frame so the end pieces are INSIDE the long pieces.  This will help the frame resist the weight of the cage when it’s hung and loaded with rabbits. 


You will cut 8 pieces of 2” x 4” to make the legs.  Once you have those pieces cut you will screw one piece to another to form an L shape:

Here are 4 legs ready to be attached to the frames:

Legs for the rabbitry rack

Assembling the Rack

This is where having an extra helper will come in handy.

You will set one of the frames on the floor and then place one of the legs at the corner.  The 4” wide side of the leg goes flush against the frame with the opening of the L shape facing in towards the center of the frame.  Line everything up so the leg’s top is flush with the top of the frame and the leg’s back is flush with the end of the frame and screw the leg to the frame.  Repeat this at all the other corners.  Carefully flip the partially assembled frame on its side.  Position the middle frame inside the legs so that the top of the frame is the height of one cage row + 9” below the bottom edge of the other frame.  Attach the middle frame to the two legs laying on top of it then very carefully flip the whole thing over so you can attach the middle frame to the other two legs.

Once you have the legs attached you can flip the frame upright:

Rabbitry rack

Rabbitry Rack


On to Step 2 of the rack building process ...