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Putting the Top on the Rack

You need to put something on the top of the rack to keep the weather out.  Be sure whatever you use is slanted towards the back of the rack so the snow and rain doesn’t collect on top and that is runs off towards the back of the rack (so as not to get in the feeders).

We used heavy clear plastic to create a roof for the rack.  We started by attaching the plastic wrap to the front of the rack, along the front edge of the top frame.   We then draped it over the top of the rack and let it hang down the back until we were ready to flip it back up.  We attached pieces of 2” x 4” to the front of the top frame (to provide the slant towards the back) and then attached pieces of 1” x 4” running from the pieces of 2” x 4” at the front of the frame to the back (to support the plastic wrap).  We placed the 2” x 4”s about a foot apart:

Attaching plastic to the top of the rack

Plastic roof for rack

We then flipped the wrap back up and over, covering the 2” x 4”s and all the supports and covering the front of the top from.  We cut the plastic and attached it to the front and sides of the top frame:

Finished plastic roof

At this point we moved everything out to where we wanted the racks to be.  We did this before adding the cage rows to make it easier to move the racks.

Now you can go to the Assembly section to see how to put everything together!