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Banzai is another failed foster (like Winnie).  He came to us with an open wound on the tip of his tail.  It was too far gone to heal so he had to have the tip amputated.  Then he ripped the bandage off and pulled out the stitches.  So he needed to have another piece cut off and restitched.  Then he did it again.  And again!!  After the fourth time there wasn't much left to amputate so we decided to keep him on drugs to keep him calm.  We had tried a cone but he managed to get it off every time.

After his tail healed we weaned him off the drugs and he was fine.  He didn't bother his tail ever again.

Banzai came in as if he owned the house and knew everyone in it - including all the dogs.  From Day 1 he was completely comfortable with all the dogs.

Banzai likes to play with Cloe and is great with Kaynya's puppies!


Last Updated (Sunday, 26 December 2010 09:25)