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Chimane's Spice It Up Piquin - aka Kaynya (Cane-ya) - is my first Chinese Crested.  I have been interested in the breed for awhile and luck would have it that she was available when I was ready.

Don't let her size or looks fool you!  She is a tough girl.  She thinks nothing of running through the thick brush in pursuit of her quarry.  Mice and moles are her usual game but she has been known to take down a rabbit and lately has her sights set on the squirrels that are living in our roof.

Kaynya loves lure coursing but has a slightly different approach.  She will chase the lure for a bit then she throws herself to the ground and stalks it!  When I zip it past her she bolts after it.

Kaynya has whelped two litters - each with wonderful quality puppies.  Spike is from her first litter and Fuego is from her second.

The breed come in two coats types - Hairless or Powder Puff.  Kaynya is a Very Hairy Hairless Crested.  The main difference between her and a Powder Puff is that the PP has an undercoat.  I had been trying to keep Kaynya in a show trim but that meant shaving her every week - something neither her nor I really enjoyed.

Kaynya Chinese Crested

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