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Sasha came to us from Alabama.  We had just lost Riggs and I was hurting for a large dog.  I was surfing Petfinder and saw her picture.  She looked so scared and sweet.  It took a bit of doing but we finally managed to bring her home.

From her first day here she became a Daddy's Girl.  She and Mauser are best buddies - constantly chasing each other through the field and wrestling.

Sasha did come with some baggage - she is scared of people and loud noises (like gun shots and thunder).  She loves to go for car rides but doesn't like going inside places (like the dog park or pet stores) so she just comes along for the ride.  I was hoping to work her through her issues and get her out into the world more but she has shown us that she is perfectly happy to be a home-body so we don't push her.


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