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Tazer was given to me by the shelter I where I was fostering.  Tazer's mom was found wandering the streets of Chicago, immaculately groomed, wearing a rhinestone studded collar and VERY pregnant.  The shelter thought someone would come looking for her … but no-one ever did.  She was placed in a foster home where the puppies were born.

Tazer had been adopted out at 8 weeks of age and returned in less than 12 hours.  The people complained that ‘he never stopped’.

From the moment I met him Tazer has been a bundle of energy!  Friendly, outgoing, loved everyone – Tazer was a wonderful puppy!

Tazer loved to use his nose so I tried tracking with him.  He LOVED it but we had one problem – he would not stop tracking long enough to indicate the article.  Although we never competed we did still run some fun tracks – just because he loves it so.

Little did I know that there was something else that Tazer loved even more … lure coursing!!

Tazer is the reason we started Lure Coursing Fanatics – the first ALL BREED lure coursing club in the US.  Because of Tazer, thousands of dogs have had the joy of chasing the ‘evil bunny’ (aka the lure).

Even now, at 11 years of age, Tazer still loves to chase the lure.  He doesn’t have the endurance he once did but he still has that fire in his heart!


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