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Winnie - aka Winston Churchill (yes, she is a SHE even with the name) - is a failed foster which means she was a foster that I decided to adopt.  Her mom and her siblings were dumped at the shelter when they were about 4 weeks old.  The owner said 'they were too much work'.

Winnie has been through a basic obedience class and has her Canine Good Citizen title.  We tried other activities with her just to find what she liked to do ...

Agility?  Pal-LEEZE!  All that running and panting?!?  She said NO.  :)

She did like lure coursing ... until we tried to match her up with Tazer to see how was faster.  The moment he passed her she stopped dead in her tracks and refused to run anymore.  Even to this day she will NOT run.

She IS the Diva Dog!  The only job that suits her is being our photography model.  She does like a good hunt and is rather adapt at catching and dispatching the mice, voles and rabbits that have the misfortune of wandering into our field.  It works for me - she has fun AND gets a free meal!


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