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CareyAnns Lethal Weapon - aka Riggs.

What can I say about Riggs?  He was almost the perfect dog.  He was from Neke's second litter.  He was my do-everything-together dog.  Other than work, he went with me pretty much everywhere.

He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  We tried obedience and agility but Riggs preferred herding.

Riggs was an awesome dog when it came to fosters coming and going - he never cared.  He was also great with the chickens, ducks and rabbits.

Riggs claim to fame is being the GSD Christmas Tree dog.  It all started as a joke we were going to play on some friends and ... well, you just have to go check out the link to see it for yourself!

Riggs was only 11 when we had to euthanize him due to rectal cancer.  He is missed every day.


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