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I had decided to stop fostering for awhile and instead, I wanted to adopt a senior dog.  When I checked out the websites in the Chicago area I found an almost bald, ancient Husky named Neekie.  I decided it was fate!

She became Sadie when she came to us.  I switched her to raw right away and the improvements were amazing!  She had advanced dry eye and all we could do was keep her eyes hydrated.

Just a few months after we adopted her she went into heat ... and developed Pyometra, a life-threatening infection in the uterus.  She had an emergency spay and pulled through like a trooper.

Sadie enjoyed sleeping and eating and wandering around the field.  Although we had her just a year it was a great year for her.  When her eyes got so bad she was always in pain we decided to end her suffering.

You can read more about Sadie on her Testimonial page.

Sadie Before and After

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