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Chimane's Contessa Carey - aka Tessa - was my first conformation dog.  Tessa and I learned about the breed ring by trial and error - but always had fun!

Tessa had just whelped her second litter (which gave me Remi) when she was diagnosed with Immune Mediated Polyarthropothy.  Her immune system destroyed the fluid in her joints.

In order to control the pain she needed to be on high doses of steriods - Prednisilone.  Unfortunately those high doses of steroids were doing serious damage to her body.

Tessa was the reason I turned to a raw diet for my dogs.  She improved so much on raw that I was able to wean her completely off the Pred - something the vets told me would never happen.

Tessa was with us for another 5 years after her diagnosis but the steroids HAD done damage and sadly we had to euthanize her when her stomach started to deteriorate.

Chimanes Contessa Carey

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