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8 weeks of Age

The pups are approaching the time to go to their new homes so I start changing them to 2 -3 meals per day.  I send each puppy home with a description of their diet plan so their new owners can continue feeding raw without any problems.  I also include sources for the items they will need.

For large breed puppies I increase the multi-vitamin dosage to the recommended dose (double what I described above).  With small breed puppies I wait until they are 3 months old to increase the dosage.


The puppies remain on the basic formula:

45% Raw Meaty Bones, 50% Muscle Meat and 5% Organ Meat

When using Green tripe:

45% Raw Meaty Bones, 30% Muscle Meat, 20% Green Tripe and 5% Organ Meat


I provide 5 or more different protein sources each week for the puppies and supplement with a basic multi-vitamin and Omega 3 oils.

While my puppies do not get fruit, vegetables or any carbs as a normal part of their diet I do occasionally offer them these as treats.  I make sure that it doesn't impact their diet (meaning I don't give them large amounts).