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7 weeks of Age

If the bitch hasn’t already weaned the pups I will force the issue.  Puppies are still getting the 50% Muscle Meat, 45% RMBs (whole or ground) and 5% Organ Meat ratios and are being feed 3-4 times per day.

This week I introduce the puppies to green tripe.  Green tripe is NOT sold in grocery stores.  The stuff you see in grocery stores is WHITE tripe.  It has been cleaned and bleached and all the nutrients that are great for DOGS have been removed.

Green tripe is the stomach of the cow (or lamb, goat) that has had any foreign objects removed but all the contents remain.  Green tripe is a great source of digestive enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Be warned – most people think green tripe smells AWFUL!  I personally like it.  I think it smells like the cow barn at our county fair on a very hot July day.  Some people will only feed it outside.  If that’s the only way you are willing to feed it – that works.

I categorize green tripe as a Muscle Meat and will use it as such.  I start with a small percentage and then, over the course of this week, work them up to about 20% of their daily intake.  Remember to reduce the other muscle meat in their diet by the same amount.

I like to feed my growing puppies green tripe at least twice a week.

This week I will also add two exotic protein sources to their diet.  Elk, bison, ostrich, quail, venison, goat – whatever I can find.

My goal is to have the puppies eating at least 5 different protein sources each week.  I have a separate page in this section of my website that talks about why variety is so important with puppies.

Here is a sample menu:

Weaning Puppies – Fourth Week on Raw

Day 1 – 45% chicken RMB, 48% beef MM, 5% pork liver, 2% green tripe
Day 2 – 45% duck RMB, 50% beef MM, 5% chicken liver
Day 3 – 45% turkey RMB, 44% venison MM, 5% beef kidneys, 6% green tripe
Day 4 – 45% pork RMB, 50% chicken MM, 5% beef liver
Day 5 – 45% quail RMBs, 38% fish MM, 5% pork liver, 12% green tripe
Day 6 – 45% lamb RMB, 50% pork MM, 5% beef kidneys
Day 7 – 45% fish RMB, 30% pork MM, 5% beef liver, 20% green tripe

The last thing I add to their diet this week is Omega 3 oils.  I prefer to use animal-based Omega 3s instead of plant based as I believe they are more species appropriate.

I use Salmon oil to add Omega 3s to the puppies’ diet.  You can also use generic fish oil – just make sure it’s BODY based and not LIVER based (like Cod Liver Oil).

I start the puppies on 100 mgs of oil per 5 pounds of body weight.  It is much easier to dispense these small amounts if you get a bottle of the oil instead of the capsules.

There are roughly 4000 mgs of oil per teaspoon.  An eight of a teaspoon would be about 500 mgs.  If you are feeding small puppies you can mix everything together in one big bowl, including the vitamin powder and oil, and then divide it up between the puppies.  For larger puppies just pour the oil over their bowl of food.