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5 weeks of Age

By the second week of weaning I start adding some ground meat WITH bone to the puppies’ diet.  This provides them with calcium until they are physically able to eat the RMBs.

If you have a grinder you can do it yourself or you can purchase some of the meat and bone premades.  I do not use the premades that contain vegetables or other ingredients – just meat and bone.  I start at 25% ground meat with bone and work my way up to 50%.

I also add a couple new protein sources to their diet in the second week.

Here is an example:

Weaning Puppies – Second Week on Raw

Day 1 – 20% ground chicken with bone and 80% ground turkey
Day 2 – 25% ground chicken with bone and 75% ground pork
Day 3 – 30% ground turkey with bone and 70% ground beef
Day 4 – 35% ground turkey with bone and 65% ground lamb
Day 5 – 40% ground chicken with bone and 60% ground turkey
Day 6 – 45% ground chicken with bone and 55% ground pork
Day 7 – 50% ground chicken with bone and 50% ground beef

In the beginning of the week I still warm the food to 100 degrees before feeding.  As the week progresses I start to feed the mixture at a lower temperature.  If the puppies refuse the food at the lower temperatures go ahead and make it warmer.  There’s no rush to get the puppies to eat cold food.

Don’t forget to recalculate the amount to feed EVERY DAY.  You don’t want to end up not giving the puppies enough food.   Not only can that cause health issues it can also cause food guarding issues.

Do not remove the ground RMBs until the puppies are able to completely consume whole bones.  My Hairless Crested puppies can’t handle whole bones – even the tiny ones – until they are almost 3-4 months old.