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6 Weeks of Age

I now start adding Organ Meat to the diet.  I start with 1% of their daily intake being OM and work my way up to 5% by the end of the week.  I decrease the RMB percentage (whether ground or whole) to 45%.

I also start replacing the ground meat with chunks of meat (when possible).  I want the puppies to learn to chew their food more.  The size of the chunks will be determined by the size of the puppies.  Remember, small breed puppies and those with late dental development may need to stay on ground longer than the larger breed puppies.

You have to decide what works best for YOUR litter of puppies.

You want to continue to give the puppies size-appropriate whole RMBs even if they can’t completely consume them.  It’s a great way to exercise their muscles and the puppies tend to suckle a little more gently on the bitch.  Just be sure to decrease their Muscle Meat portion if they are able to get a lot of meat off the whole RMBs.

I also add 2-3 new protein sources this week – including fish.

Offer the meals 3-4 times per day and allow the bitch to nurse when she wants.  By now the pups start to be more interested in the meat than her.

Here is a sample menu:

Weaning Puppies – Third Week on Raw

Day 1 – 49% chicken RMBs*, 50% beef MM**, 1% beef liver
Day 2 – 48% fish*** RMBs, 50% turkey MM, 2% beef liver
Day 3 – 47% rabbit RMBs, 50% pork MM, 3% chicken liver
Day 4 – 46% turkey RMBs, 50% lamb MM, 4% chicken liver
Day 5 – 45% lamb RMBs, 50% chicken MM, 5% pork liver
Day 6 – 45% duck RMBs, 50% fish MM, 5% beef kidney
Day 7 – 45% chicken, 50% beef MM, 5% pork liver

* - Unless the puppies are able to completely consume the whole RMBs I continue using ground RMBs.
** - MM = Muscle Meat, any meat without bones.  Heart is a great muscle meat.  Remember to serve chunks that are size appropriate.
*** - The first fish I use for my puppies is canned Jack Mackerel.  It has been cooked but it’s very smelly and a good choice for introducing puppies to fish.  Do NOT use Tuna (canned or whole) – it can contain very high levels of mercury.

I also start the puppies on a basic multi-vitamin.  I use the Berte’s Daily Blend from B-Naturals.  I start with just a sprinkle on the first couple meals and then work up to the following dosages by the end of the week:

Under 5 pounds – 1/8 teaspoon per DAY
5 to 15 pounds – 1/4 teaspoon per DAY
15 to 30 pounds – 1/2 teaspoon per DAY

The above amounts are about half what is recommended.  I want to start gradually and work up to the recommended amounts.

I will divide the daily amount between their feedings.