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To Grind or Not to Grind – That is the Question!

Many people ask "Do I need to grind the RMBs for my dog?"  My answer is "I Don’t know – do you?"

YOU know your dog better than I do.  How do they currently handle RMBs?  Are they gulpers – not even bothering to try to chew those backs, necks or leg quarters – just  trying to get them down as fast as they can?  Do they sometimes choke on their RMBs because they gulp or eat too fast?  Do they have teeth problems, jaw problems or digestive problems?  Does watching your dog eat those RMBs make you too nervous to continue with the diet?  These can all be reasons to grind.   Does your dog’s size greatly restrict the choices for RMBs?

If your dog chews their food well, never gulps, has great teeth and no digestive or health problems and you can find plenty of RMBs for them to eat whole – you probably don’t need to grind for them.

If you decide to grind, there are many different brands and types of grinders out there.  When we had to get a grinder we asked other raw feeders what they used, did some research and settled on the Tasin TS-108 Grinder.  Their 110 Volt, 1200 Watt motor model was just right for us.  I have used it to grind everything from rabbits to turkey necks to all different chicken parts.  The grinder handled those without a problem!  As long as it fit down the chute – it handled it!

Just a note:  very few home grinders can handle beef or pork bones.  Those would require a commercial grade grinder.  If your dog can’t handle those whole – I wouldn’t bother feeding those anymore.
You can buy it online here: One Stop Jerky Shop - Tasin TS-108 grinder or you can Google Tasin TS-108 Grinder or check Ebay for people selling their used ones.

Be careful - I used to recommend the Northern Tools grinder but they changed brands.  Their current brand does NOT handle bones!