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Many people ask me which is better – a premade raw food or DIY (Do It Yourself).  The answer is simple.  It’s not which one is better; it’s which one can you AFFORD and how much TIME do you have to devote to preparing the diet.


Premades will cost more.  You can create the exact same thing for less money.  You are paying for the convenience of having all the work already done for you.

I do use SOME premades.  I buy some for adding variety to my dogs’ diet (I can get bison or elk or other novel proteins) and I get some for when I am weaning my Chinese Crested puppies to raw (since I don’t have a grinder).  I only purchase the ones WITHOUT the veggies and such and not the ones that are 100% balanced as they contain items I do not want to feed my dogs – like carbohydrates).

Also, with small dogs it can be hard to find whole RMBs that they can eat.  My German Shepherd can eat a chicken leg with no problem while my Chinese Cresteds need to work quite a bit to crunch up a chicken wing section.

If I only owned one little dog I would use premades for almost all of my dogs diet – just for the convenience of it.

But I don’t own just one little dog.  I own 7 dogs and unless I win the lottery there’s no way I could afford to feed my dogs using just the premades.

Doing It Yourself
will cost less.  You can buy the items you need in bulk and save even more.

I buy all my dogs food in bulk – 40-60 pound cases of items.  That way I get the best price.  I can save almost 50% off what they charge in my local grocery store for things like chicken leg quarters or even ground beef.  I also know exactly what my dogs are eating because I control what goes in their bowls.


Premades take less time.  You simply defrost a package, cut it open, weight out the amount necessary and feed.  A little cleanup and you are done.  There’s no prep work involved.

Doing It Yourself
takes more time.  You have to purchase the items in bulk and, if they come frozen (and many bulk items do), you need to let them defrost before you can work with them.

You then need to repackage the bulk items into smaller amounts.  I go through about 3 pounds of Muscle Meat per day so when I defrost a 60 pound case of pork hearts I repackage them into 3.5 – 4 pound containers.  That way I have enough for one days feeding plus a little leftover for the next day.  I use plastic bags for repackaging.  I tried the plastic containers but they crack easily when frozen and I tend to toss things around in my freezers.

When I make my bulk orders I am usually buying for 3-4 months at a time.  That means I will be ordering roughly 350 pounds of Muscle Meat, 350 pounds of RMBs and about 30 pounds of Organ Meat at a time.  That’s A LOT of meat to process!


Premade Companies

Here are a list of just a few of the companies that sell a premade raw food:


Oma's Pride

Aunt Jeni

Hare Today