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I'm often asked what supplements to give.  My answer is always the same - what supplements does your dog NEED?

I only supplement for three things - age (very young puppies), lack of variety or health issues.

In my house puppies under 3 months of age get a basic multi-vitamin with meals.

If a dog is sick or recovering from an illness or surgery, they get a basic multi-vitamin with meals.

When I can't get alot of fish in their diet I give everyone Salmon Oil with their meals.  I also use it during the winter as it gets very dry in our house with the heat on.

When Neke was older she started having problems with her joints - arthritis.  She was given extra Salmon oil to help with the inflammation.

If you are feeding a healthy adult dog a well-balanced raw diet full of a variety of protein sources there will be no need to supplement.


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