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We recently joined a trial program that works to divert past sell-date meats from landfills.  Not only are we helping save the planet but the dogs have the benefit of getting much more variety in their meals!

I still use chicken as their main Raw Meaty Bone.  It's the easiest RMB to get hold of and all my dogs can handle the bones (the smaller ones for the smaller dogs).  They also get lamb breast, pork ribs and necks and turkey necks.

Raw meaty bones for the Chinese Cresteds are chicken wing sections and necks.  For Tazer and Winnie - any chicken RMB (I may have to cut up the bigger ones) and for Mauser and Sasha - any chicken part, turkey necks and pork neck bones.  Everyone but the Cresteds will eat the pork ribs in just a few minutes.  The little guys treat them more like recreational bones with lots of meat.

I make up for the lack of variety in the RMBs with the muscle and organ meats.  They get lamb, pork, fish, bison, turkey, duck, beef, venison and more!  I also feed them some green tripe when I can get hold of it.  It's the only 'green' thing in their diet.

Tazer, the Cocker Spaniel, is coming up on 11 years old but is still very active.  He weighs around 25 pounds and gets 5.25 ounces per meal.

Winnie, the Corgi mix, is the same age as Tazer and weighs the same as him.  She is not very active so she only gets 4 ounces per meal.

Kaynya, the Chinese Crested, will be 3 years old in April of 2010 and is very active.  She weighs about 12 pounds and gets 4 ounces per meal.

Mauser, the German Shepherd, was born 9/29/08 and is very active.  He weighs about 75 pounds and gets 16 ounces per meal.

Sasha, the ARD (Alabama Rescue Dog), is around 3 years old and weighs about 45 pounds.  She gets 6 ounces per meal.

Spike, the Chinese Crested, was born 10/29/09 and to be honest I haven't weighed him in awhile!  He currently gets 5 ounces per meal.

Fuego, the Chinese Crested, was born 7/3/2010 and he also needs to be weighed.  Right now he's getting about 5 ounces per meal.


Everyone gets fed twice a day.  RMBs in the morning, muscle and organ meats at night.

I do change the dog's amounts during the different seasons.  When it's winter we're less active so the dogs are less active and so they get less food.  During the summer months we are out and about more and so are the dogs so they get fed more.

I take everyone in to the vets to get weighed at least every 3-4 months.  That way I KNOW if they are gaining or losing weight.