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Raw fish - EXCEPT Salmon and Trout from the Pacific Northwest (more on that later in this page) - is very safe to feed to dogs.

I usually buy either whole, gutted Tilapia or Whiting fillets.  Some dogs won't eat the heads of the Tilapia, some love them.  I do remove the top and bottom fins from the fish before feeding.  With the fillets I just feed as is.

One thing to watch out for with fish - some dogs like to roll in it before eating it! :)

Fish, even those WITH bones, should be considered Muscle Meat.  The bones in fish are too small to justify being labeled a RMB.

Fresh caught fish, from known safe waters, would also be fine to feed.  Canned Jack Mackerel is cooked but is also good to feed.  Beware, though - it STINKS! :)  Canned or fresh Tuna should be avoided due to the potential for high Mercury contamination.

Pacific Northwest trout and salmon can contain a fluke that causes infection and, if untreated, death.  Merck Veterinary Manual has an online article about the disease.