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There are many views on whether or not dogs need any type of fruit or vegetable matter in their diets.  I've been on both sides of the fence - yes and no.  And I've come to believe that they really don't need it.  If they did, their bodies would be able to process it without all our help.

Have you ever fed your dog a whole carrot?  If not, try it sometime then go out and check out their stools the next couple times they go.  You will mostly likely see chunks of orange in there - that's the carrot!

Dogs digestive tracts are fast.  In order for the dog to digest the food properly and get all the nutrients from it their food needs to be highly digestible.  Vegetables and fruit need to be 'preprocessed' before feeding them to a dog in order for the dog to digest them and get the nutrients.

A wild canid WILL eat fruit that has fallen from the tree.  That fruit is OVER-ripe and already starting to decompose (process).  They do not eat leaves off trees or pull vegetation out of the ground and eat it - not as part of their diet (unless they are starving).

They will also eat the stomachs of the prey they kill but NOT the stomach contents (which are high in digestive acids).  The closest we can come to matching that is Green Tripe (see the Other Ingredients page for more details on green tripe.)

That being said - I do share some fruits and veggies with my dogs.  I do NOT do it as part of their regular diet.

If you DO decide to feed fruits or vegetables to your dog you want to keep the amount under 5% of their daily intake and you NEED to 'pre-process' them somehow.  I have a page on how to pre-process fruits and/or veggies before feeding them - Processing Fruits and Veggies.

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