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Carbohydrate type foods - grains and starchy vegetables - are NOT a natural food for dogs.  Have you ever heard of wolves grazing through a corn or wheat field?

Grains are used in dry dog food as a cheap filler and can be found under many different names:

  • Whole grain corn
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Ground yellow corn
  • Whole wheat
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Brewers rice
  • Rice flour
  • Soybean meal
  • Soy flour
  • Barley
  • Pearled Barley
  • Barley Flour
  • And so on ...

Many dry dog foods say they are Grain Free.  Well, they are but they may NOT be carbohydrate free.  They usually use things like potatoes - which are high in carbs - as fillers.

So why am I so against grains and carbs?

First, I believe that grains are very common allergy triggers.  I have seen first hand how allergies can be drastically reduced or even outright cured by removing all grains and carbs from a dogs diet.

Second, carbohydrates are converted to sugars in the body.  These sugars can lead to a hyper-ness in some dogs.  My Cocker, Tazer, used to be very hyper before I switched him to raw.  After the switch he still had lots of energy but it was a more stable energy (if that makes sense).

Another reason I dislike feeding my dogs a high amount of carbohydrates is cancer.  Many studies show that, in humans, carbs are converted to sugars that feed cancers.  Being a cancer survivor myself, I try to avoid anything that might increase my dogs chances of getting cancer.

And finally, dog food companies use those ingredients as cheap fillers.  As fillers, they are not readily processed by the dog and just end up coming out the other end!  I don't want to be spending my money on something where a large portion of it is just being wasted.


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