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Muscle Meat - basically this is any meat without bones.  Boneless Chicken breasts, ground beef, turkey breast, beef or bison steaks, beef/pork heart (it really is a muscle and not an organ), pork butt, lamb, deer meat, fish fillets etc.  Any meat without bones in it.

Our mainstay muscle meat is heart - beef and pork.  I will also get ground turkey and ground beef if I can get a good price.  During the fall I get leftover deer meat from our neighbors.  I will try to get a little variety as well - sometimes goat meat or mutton on the leg (which I cut off the leg).

Here is a top and bottom view of a Beef Heart:

Beef Heart

Beef Heart


I do NOT remove the fat from the meats I feed because dogs need both protein AND fat in their diets.  If my dogs need to lose weight I feed less FOOD, not less fat.

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