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The basic organs meats are the liver, kidneys and brains of the animal.  These should be fed in small amounts - especially the liver - as they are very rich and can cause stomach upset in some dogs.

The organ meat we use most frequently is liver.  Since the majority or our dogs raw meaty bones are fowl based (chicken or turkey) I use red meat based liver or kidneys (beef, deer or bison) for their organ meats.

A common misconception about liver is that it has lots of toxins in it.  This is untrue.  The livers function is to filter toxins and then flush them out of the body.  They do not store toxins.

A healthy liver is easy to spot - just as it is easy to spot a diseased liver.  Check out this image to see the difference in human livers.

Liver sold for human consumption come from animals that were butchered for human consumption.  They had to pass inspection before being butchered.

Here's a picture of a whole beef liver:



Some dogs do not like the texture of liver - it is a bit on the slimy side.  Feeding it partially frozen may be more to their liking.

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