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Since variety is the key to a balanced raw diet here is a list of other ingredients you can add:

Eggs - whole raw eggs are very good for dogs.  They key here is the WHOLE egg - not just the whites.  Eating only egg whites alone can cause a biotin deficiency if fed in large amounts.  Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created the wonderful egg - there is a large amount of Biotin in the yolks, more than enough to balance out the whites.  That is why you feed it WHOLE.  You can also feed the shells.  Some dogs will eat them - some won't.

Powdered egg shells can be used in place of raw bones.  Rinse out the shells, line them up on a cookie sheet and place them in the oven, on a low temperature, to dry.  Once dried you can use a coffee grinder to grind the egg shells into a powder.  You would use 1/2 teaspoon of ground egg shells per pound of boneless meat.

Fruit and Vegetables
- my dogs LOVE to eat carrots but that doesn't mean they NEED them as part of a balanced diet.  They would also love to eat chocolate (which is very dangerous to dogs).  Fruits and vegetables can be added to a raw diet but they need to be preprocessed before feeding so that the nutrients are available to the dog.  If not, they just serve as fillers with little to no nutritional value.

Green Tripe - raw green tripe is the stomach of the animal (usually beef or lamb) that has had any foreign bodies removed (like bits of wire or plastics - whatever the animal may have eaten) and usually comes ground. Raw green tripe is NOT available in grocery stores.  What you find in grocery stores is WHITE tripe. White tripe has been cleaned and bleached and had all the 'good' stuff for dogs removed so that it is safe for human consumption.  Green tripe is the same thing - the stomach - just in it's complete raw state with all the 'good for dogs' stuff still intact.  Below are pictures of each type so you can see the difference:

White Tripe Green Tripe


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