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There are two types of bones - raw meaty bones and recreational bones.  The main difference?  A RMB is part of a meal while a recreational bone is not.

The most common recreational bones are beef knuckle bones - aka soup bones.  These can be found in most grocery store meat section.  They will look something like these:

Recreational Bones for Dogs

Beef Knuckle Bones

Sometimes they are cut into sections (the top pictures) or whole knobs (bottom picture).

You also need to consider the dogs size as a factor as to whether a bone is a rec bone or a RMB.  For example, a beef neck bone might be a RMB for my German Shepherd but for my Chinese Crested it's a rec bone:

Kaynya with a bone

Recreational bones are great for teething puppies and are a good way to keep your dog happily occupied for awhile.  You just want to be sure the dog isn't harming their teeth with the bones.

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