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Raw Meaty Bones (RMBs) - are any item that has both meat and EDIBLE bone.  Some examples of RMBs are chicken leg quarters, backs, necks, wings, turkey necks, whole fish, rabbit legs, ostrich necks, beef neck bones, pork neck bones, duck wings, pheasant backs, ox tails ... and so on.

Leg bones of large animals - like deer or cows - are NOT RMBs.  These are recreational bones.  Most dogs cannot actually consume the bone in a leg bone of a cow.  The bone is much too hard (it was meant to carry the weight of the cow).  Even beef knuckle bones - a softer bone - are recreational.  They take too long to consume to be considered part of a meal.

Also, the size of the dog can determine if an item is part of a meal or a recreational bone.  For my German Shepherds, a pork neck bone is easily edible.  For my Chinese Crested it's a recreational bone to be chewed on for days!

Another consideration is that some RMBs are bonier than others.  For example -  a chicken neck has much more bone than a chicken leg.  If the only RMB I could feed were chicken necks, I would lower the percentage of RMBs and increase the percentage of Muscle Meat.

Your goal is to have no more than 20-25% actual bone in the diet.  Let's look at an actual example to get an idea of how that works.

This is a basic chicken thigh - it weighs 5.5 ounces and it is what I would give Tazer for his RMB meal:

Chicken Thigh


Here I've separated the bone from the meat.  You can see that the bone weighs 1.75 ounces and the meat weighs 3.75 ounces:

Chicken Thigh Bone Only

Chicken Thigh Meat Only


The bone in that chicken thigh represents 32% of the total weight (1.75 divided by 5.5).

I am feeding Tazer a total of about 10 ounces of food per day.  If I do the calculations - 1.75 divided by 10 - I get about 17.5%.

Now I know that roughly 17.5% of Tazer's food that day would be ACTUAL bone.

You don't have to worry about doing all those calculations.  Just understand that some RMBs are bonier than others and adjust accordingly.  It's something you will pick up as you go.