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The reason I started feeding raw many years ago was for my girl Tessa.  She had an immune system disorder that was slowly killing her.  The only thing the vets could offer was to use high doses of steroids, which would have killed her in a few years.

Instead I did some research and found out about raw diets and switched her right away.  We had another 7 years with Tessa - 7 WONDERFUL years.

Some of the immediate improvements you will see in a dog switched to raw - shinier coats, cleaner teeth, better breath, less 'doggie' smell, less stools, less 'hyper' energy and more balanced energy.

Allergies - the most likely ingredients to cause allergies in dogs are the carb-type ones - grains, starch, potatoes, etc.  By removing these from the diet you may find your dog no longer scratches, loses hair or bite themselves.  I have a separate page on Allergies.

Arthritis - grains, the main ingredient in most kibbles, can aggravate arthritis in dogs.  Remove the carbohydrates and your dog can feel young again without the need of drugs.

Epilepsy - Our Cocker Spaniel, Tazer, has Idiopathic Epilepsy.  That means he has seizures for no known reason.  So far we have been able to limit his seizures with diet changes only.  First - he gets no grains other than the occasional dog treat a few times a day.  Second - we make sure he gets plenty of meats that are high in Taurine, an amino acid that has been found to help limit the erratic firing of nerve cells in the brain - basically, a seizure. Many dogs have shown improvement after being switched to a raw diet.

Anyone that asks me about raw diets and epilepsy gets pointed to this link:  The Story of Emma.  There they will read about one person journey through canine epilepsy and all the treatments they tried - Chinese Medicine, conventional drugs, Gold Bead Implants - to no avail until they switched Emma to a raw diet.  She then went from having seizures weekly to going 2.5 years with only 6 small seizures after the diet switch.

If you are looking for first-hand accounts you can read the Testimonials page of this website.  There you will read about and see pictures of dogs that have benefited from switching to a raw diet.

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