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When you feed a raw diet you are not filling your dog with things their body was not designed to digest.  Corn, Rice, Wheat, bran - these are all things a dog's digestive system cannot digest effectively.

Have you ever fed your dog some whole kernel corn and then looked at their stools the next day?  Found whole kernel corn in there, right?  The same thing happens with whole carrots.  So why does it happen?

Dogs teeth and jaws were designed for ripping and tearing - NOT chewing and grinding.  We humans have flat topped teeth (our molars) and our jaws can move side to side to grind food.

Dogs teeth are ALL pointed - designed for tearing and crunching - and their jaws do NOT move side to side, they only open and close.

Here are some pictures of my boy Riggs teeth.  The areas circled in green are his molars.  See how they are pointed and not flat.  Also notice that when he closes his jaws together (the second picture) these teeth do not meet - they overlap each other.  Being pointed and overlapping allow them to shear or cut through pieces of meat.  In the second picture you can see that his canine teeth also overlap (the area circled in red).  Having teeth that overlap keeps the jaws from being able to move side to side, in a grinding motion.

Dogs Teeth

Dogs Teeth


Back to the corn and carrots.  In order for vegetables to be digested properly they must be ground down.  Ruminants, like cows, have flat teeth and multiple stomachs and even regurgitate food and chew it a second time in order to break it down so they can obtain the nutrients.

Dogs have one stomach and a very short digestive tract.  Food they eat (gulp) must be easy to digest WITHOUT any breaking down prior to landing in their stomach.  Fats and proteins fit that bill perfectly - vegetables do not.

Another thing people notice when they switch their dogs to raw is that the dogs tend to produce less stool.  If you are feeding items the dogs body is able to completely digest then the waste product is minimal.  Feed a product high in fillers and you get alot of poop!

Dogs are carnivores.  They eat meat.  They were designed by nature to hunt other living creatures.  A dog has a highly developed sense of smell, keen hearing and intelligence.

Even in play we can see these traits emerge.  Have you ever watched your dog 'stalk' another dog and then pounce?  When your dogs wrestle do they like to grab each other by the throat or by the back leg?  Have you ever witnessed a group of dogs playing and watched one dog anticipate where another dog would be and cut them off?  These are all hunting behaviors - ingrained in their beings as a way to survive.  Just because we domesticated them doesn't mean we changed their physiology.