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By feeding your dog a diet that contains only those ingredients natural to a carnivore and of the highest bioavailability, you increase their internal and external body condition and increase the likelihood of them remaining healthy and NOT needing frequent vet visits.

For those with Cocker Spaniels, you know how BAD their ears can get.  Many Cockers lose their hearing due to ear problems.  Vets say to constantly clean the ears and they give you medications to put in the ears.

My boy Tazer has NEVER had an ear problem.  If he gets into something carb-based - like stealing a loaf of bread off the kitchen counter - he will have inflamed and itchy ears for a few days but they return to normal very quickly.

Remember those pictures of Riggs teeth?  9 years and NEVER a dental cleaning.  Those can get VERY expensive, not to mention that you are putting the dog at risk any time you have them sedated.

The owners of Sparks, one of my previous foster dogs, spent thousands of dollars at the vets trying to diagnose and treat his allergies when all they needed to do was switch his food.

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